Top 7 Best Inflatable Boat Brands In 2021 (With Key Products Review)

Inflatable boats are one of the hottest things in the 21rst century. Besides offering the best fishing experience to most anglers, these boats from the best inflatable boat brands can also give you the best experience with your friends—giving you an incredible view of the sea. 

Inflatable boats are not as durable as boats made from rigid and solid materials. However, if you can overlook the shortcomings of an inflatable boat, they are almost as good as a real boat out in the water and are worth their prices. Besides, they’re portable and convenient for many uses—they can offer greater value than traditional boats. 

The price for an inflatable boat depends on its performance levels and longevity. But, stunningly enough, acquiring a decent inflatable craft will not cost a bomb. 

In this article, we’re going to see the 7 best inflatable boat brands that you can order your boat. Let’s get started. 

Best Inflatable Boat Brands

inflatable boat Brand: Intex

Best Inflatable Boat Brand: Intex

Intex features tons of products, such as inflatable beds, whirlpool bathtubs, among others. Furthermore, Intex boats are famous for their low prices, making them the most preferred by budget-conscious customers. Another reason for their popularity is the size of their boats.

Intex manufactures things such as pool toys and high-quality maritime boats. They also make inflatable kayaks and have various versions that cost about $100—this is a little-known fact. If you want a precious boat, you’re going to pay over $100, but less than $500.

Intex boats are not sophisticated, and they are perfect for weekend or holiday family fun. These items are not as puncture-resistant as items from more expensive manufacturers. However, if you’re looking for a basic, entertaining, and, above all, inexpensive boat, then Intex is the way to go.

Key Products of Intex

Intex Mariner 4

Intex Mariner 4

Intex Mariner 4 is a versatile inflatable raft that can take in any activity you have in mind. This boat comes with inflatable seats, which improve comfortability when riding. Moreover, it has more storage space for your extra gear. Despite its upper market model features, this watercraft doesn’t cost much. 

Challenger K1

The Intex Challenger K1 is one of the best-valued kayaks available today.  This watercraft has a great cockpit with lots of space for you. Its exceptional features, such as demountable skeg, which provide outstanding directional movement, and the inflatable seats with a backrest, give it an edge over other boats. Challenger K1 comes with accessories such as an 84-inch aluminum oar, repair patch, and Hi output manual hand pump. 

Excursion 5

Intex Excursion 5

The Intex Excursion 5 is among the largest and most comfortable inflatable boats. It’s considered by many as the best fishing inflatables out there—no wonder it’s a best-seller. 

An Excursion 5 has impressive features such as Four fishing rod holders, a trolling motor mount, and a 360-degree grab line. Besides, it also comes with accessories such as oars, a carry bag, and a double-action hand pump.

Excursion 5 can be an excellent choice for large families looking for a portable boat. It’s convenient in calm waters, but you can still push the limits and take it to classic two rapids.

inflatable boat Brand: Classic Accessories

Best Inflatable Boat Brand: Classic Accessories

Classic Accessories was founded in 1983. They specialize in using tarps to cover boats, RVs, cars, scooters, grills, motorcycles, furniture, etc.

However, they are also famous for manufacturing fishing tubes and inflatable boats—it’s among the leading inflatable boats in the market. Their main objective is to make the most acceptable fishing tools ever. 

As a result, they use premium raw materials making their boats durable. Moreover, their boats always come with exceptional features—giving them the edge over their competitors. 

Product classification sounds as per usual, doesn’t it? But this is unusual in the inflatable boat industry. However, the classic accessories pontoons have several models that you can choose from—ranging from novice to veteran. 

Such classifications make it breezy for you to go for the best pick possible. With these additional features, Classic accessories boats are a little pricey than other inflatable boats.  

Classic Accessories Key Boat Products 

Colorado XT

Colorado XT is one of the best-rated inflatables pontoon boats in the leading eCommerce platforms. It’s popularly called a “top of the line” pontoon among fishing enthusiasts. It comes with tons of nifty features making your fishing as fun as possible—two removable side pockets, a transport wheel, a weatherproof motor mount, and so on—making your fishing as fun as possible.

The Cumberland


Cumberland float tube is a cheap but feature-packed watercraft. It’s excellent for fishing as its features allow you to carry plenty of fishing gear, beverages, rods, and whatnot. Moreover, it has options to install additional accessories—if you want more. If you don’t like something as large as an inflatable boat but still desire all the boat’s features, the Cumberland float tube is your best option. 

The Teton


The Teton float tube is cheap but comes with good features. Its specially curved design makes for a clutter-free and streamlined deck—making fishing convenient. What’s more, this craft comes with backpack straps—you can easily carry it around.



Roanoke is the cheapest Inflatable pontoon boat. It doesn’t come with the nifty features as other boats in the classic accessories portfolio. As a result, it only weighs 43 pounds or less, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a cheap and portable fishing pontoon. 

Roanoke comes with six feet rugged aluminum oars and three storage areas for gears and other small accessories.

Generally, Roanoke boats are lightweight, agile, and durable, and the best you can get for the amount of money it costs.

inflatable boat Brand: Sea Eagle

Best Inflatable Boat Brand: Sea Eagle

Sea Eagle was founded in 1968 and is among the most celebrated kayaks and inflatable boat brands globally. They make kayaks, pontoon boats, stand-up paddleboards, canoes, and dinghies.

Most of its inflatables are top-quality and well-designed. Their quality requires nearly zero maintenance, and they’re safe for kids to use. And they are cheap as well.

The Sea Eagle company is so confident of their boats and kayaks that they issue a six-month trial period—so you’ll get a refund if their product doesn’t match your expectations. 

The Sea Eagle products come in a variety—with some relatively affordable while others require you to dig deep into your pockets. However, it’s essential to note that the expensive ones are more feature-packed than the cheaper ones. 

They do free delivery for products purchased, regardless of their prices and your location. In addition to the free trial program, the sea eagle also issues a three-year warranty.

Sea Eagle Key Boat Products 

285 Frameless Pontoon Boat

The Sea Eagle 285 has a U-frame design that gives you a complete fishing experience with the least hull weight. Additionally, it comes with spectacular features such as swivel seats and a 1,000 denier hull to prevent any puncture, making it a faster, more responsive, and puncture-resistant boat.

370 Kayak

This kayak model is a two-person kayak that is lightweight, portable, and has plenty of room. Some of its noticeable features are the rigid PolyKrylar hull and Inflatable spray skirts to avoid getting wet. Although it comes at a low price, the 370 kayak’s performance is excellent.

385 FastTrack

The Sea Eagle FastTrack is among the best tandem inflatable kayaks from Sea Eagle. Some of its features include Inflatable needlenose to improve tracking and a High-pressure drop stitch floor, which will enhance rigidity.

393 Razorlite

The 393 Razorlight is a highly innovative inflatable kayak that features an all-drop stitched hull—it can be inflated to a much higher PSI. The 393 Razorlite comes with double concave stern and bow molds that reduce drag and friction. They come with drop stitched and will deliver a truly unique paddling experience. 

inflatable boat Brand: Sevylor

Best Inflatable Boat Brand: Sevylor

Sevylor, a French-based boating company that came to light in 1948, is among the leading inflatable boat brands in the industry. And as such, they’ve grown into a reputable inflatable boat brand manufacturing many inflatable items such as pool toys and some selected dinghies.

This inflatable boat brand takes its customers’ interests, and this is why they construct affordable rafts—with all their dinghies going for $500 or less. However, going for less than 500 bucks doesn’t mean Sevylor compromises on its boat construction quality. 

The Sevylor manufactures quality inflatable boats, and this is evident from the fact that their oldest model—the 1963 Tahiti kayak model—still sells significantly today. 

Sevylor Key Boat Products 

Sevylor Hudson

The Sevylor Hudson is a tandem inflatable kayak that is an affordable yet top-quality product. It comes with remarkable features such as an optional rear skeg, three air chambers, and 3x adjustable and removable high back seats that are excellent for tracking, safety, and comfort. Besides, it has tough nylon and PVC exterior making it convenient for all kinds of adventures.

inflatable boat Brand: Advanced Elements

Best Inflatable Boat Brand: Advanced Elements

The Advanced  Element inflatables are famous for their bright-color styles and quality kayaks, mostly in fire oranges and yellow.

If you’re conversant with the inflatables and looking for high-end, then go for advanced elements products. Advanced Elements kayaks are relatively more expensive than other inflatable boat brands, but it’ll be worth your money. They come both in large tandem kayaks and small single-seater kayaks. 

Their goal is to manufacture quality kayaks at a reasonable price. Furthermore, they target to offer futuristic technology in their inflatables—for both kayak and canoe. 

Advanced Elements Boat Products 

AdvancedFrame Expedition

The Expedition is a foldable and inflatable hybrid—so you’ll quickly move it around. Its adjustable seats, extra gear, and other accessories and repair tools make the advancesFrame expedition excellent for long trips.

AdvancedFrame Convertible AE1007-R

AdvanceFrame convertible is strong, stable, and balanced for two. It has a built-in aluminum frame, making the bow and stern stiff, and it also helps in tracking. Moreover, it comes with accessories such as a carry bag, maintenance kit, and pump adapter to make your boating experience a breeze. However, it’s heavier than other inflatable tandems, which means that paddling it solo can be pretty challenging.

AdvancedFrame AE1012-R

AdvancedFrame AE1012-R was introduced in 2002 as the “AirFrame Kayak” but has since undergone significant design changes. Its ultra-modern model is made of aluminum, making it stiff and improves tracking. Furthermore, it has accessories such as a carry bag, pump adapter, instruction, and a maintenance kit. You can drive this boat in both calm lakes and class II rapids. 

Straitedge Angler

The Straitedge Angler kayak is sketched with extreme anglers in mind. Its seats have a backrest which makes your riding fun. Like most Advanced Elements kayaks, it also has an aluminum rib frame, making them stiff and improving tracking. 

inflatable boat Brand: Creek Company

Best Inflatable Boat Brand: Creek Company

Creek company products are popular among fly fishing enthusiasts. Most of its inflatable boats can sustain class II rapids since they’re flexible.

Their inflatable boats are triple-layer, with the outside layer thick and a thermally welded PVC for durability. The inside layer has the 420 denier polyester—covers the 30 gauge bladders. In general, Creek company guarantees quality products. 

U-Boat Super Combo

This is one of the best boat series released by the Creek company—commanding an overall rate of 4.4 stars out of 5 on Amazon. It comes with two storage pockets with a maximum weight capacity of 275 lbs. Furthermore, you also get a hand pump to inflate your dinghy and lightweight fins when you purchase this boat. 

inflatable boat Brand: Newport Vessels

Best Inflatable Boat Brand: Newport Vessels

Newport Vessels specializes in manufacturing inflatable dinghies and paddleboards. Their watercraft comes with remarkable comfort, durability, and dependability. 

They feature boats in different sizes—ranging from eight feet to twelve feet, with the largest carrying capacity of up to six adults. Besides, most of their inflatables have floors made of aluminum hardwood.

They are more expensive than Intex but are made with better quality materials. All their boats all have triple-layer PVC cover which is puncture-resistant and abrasion-free  

Newport Vessels Boat Products 


This raft is one of the largest dinghies you can ever find in the boating industry. It’s twelve feet and six inches long and features 18-inch wide inflatable tubes. This boat can accommodate a weight capacity of 1,603 lbs, which is why it is best suited for anglers who’d want to go for an adventure with their families. 

Final Thoughts 

To come up with this list of best inflatable boat brands for inflatable boats, we considered various factors from their products’ cost to convenience and so forth. Furthermore, we assessed inflatable boat brands from different countries—looking at their sales statistics, resale value, and tons of customer feedback. 

Additionally, we gave special attention to companies that have made and continue to make significant innovations in the inflatable boat industry. 

Therefore, this is contemporarily the ultimate list for the top inflatable boats globally. I hope this can help you. If you have questions or additions, feel free to comment below.

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