Slide Anchor Box Anchors Review

Modern, updated designs and structures of boats/kayaks demand an equally efficient and effective anchoring system. Therefore, today I have brought for you a company that offers unquestionably reliable, durable, and sturdy anchoring products – Slide Anchor, is what I’m referring to.

All the products that the brand has to offer are made of top-notch materials and manufactured, keeping in mind the requirements of the fishermen and boaters.

Over time, Slide Anchor has come up with numerous ways to reinforce strength and stability in its products so you would not be disappointed on that front!

Therefore, if you do not want to compromise on the quality of anchoring accessories for your boat, then definitely Slide Anchor’s products are worth giving a shot!

 I am going to jot down my research and experience with the brand to make it easy for you to decide.

Following is a detailed review of its widely-known box anchor.

Brand Rundown

Fishermen and boaters have been facilitated by Slide Anchor since 1995. Known for its incredible range of anchor lines, buoyancy balls, box anchors, and other related accessories that are an absolute requirement for boats, this brand has been manufacturing excellent products and has gained thousands of appreciative customers over time.

In old times, people did not understand the importance of keeping boat equipment, particularly for anchoring boats. With the latest advancements in the styles and layouts of boats, kayaks, and other boating accessories, the topic of proper anchoring has been taken into consideration.

Therefore, boaters and paddlers are now investing more and more in such kind of apparatus that helps keep their boat safe and secure if they plan a sleepover during their fishing or boating venture.

Slide Anchor is one such brand that keeps in mind the essential requirements of fishermen and boaters. The best quality material is employed in the manufacture of these supporting accessories. You can go through Slide Anchor’s wide range of boat supplements, including different kinds of anchor lines, box anchors, shore spikes, and much more!

The brand promises quality in its products since only a sturdy yet stable anchor line is able to hold the boat in place and also acts as a safety gear whenever you lose the power of the engine and want to stay afloat.

These multi-purpose accessories are manufactured keeping all that is required of them in mind, which makes the brand one of the people’s favorite.

Slide Anchor’s customer policies are commendable too. From delivering top-notch products at your doorstep to catering to your queries and complaints, the brand has really outdone itself!

I definitely recommend choosing Slide Anchor for your boat’s anchoring supplies, especially because their box anchor is an exception!

Below I have discussed its features and pros and cons in detail.

Slide Anchor’s Box Anchors – Detailed Review

One of the boat accessories that Slide Anchor offers is the box anchor. Here are two kinds of box anchors delivered by the brand.

Box Anchor

Box Anchor

The first product that I am going to talk about is the brand’s box anchor made of galvanized metal – an unquestionably amazing anchor for all kinds of boats, no matter however and wherever you want to place it.

It gives you complete control over the placement and adjustment, so you would not have to worry about leaving your boat on the Dock for a while.

The design of the box anchor is compact and well-built, but it serves much more than that! The patented design helps you anchor your boat at the angle of 45° in a manner that the base of it firmly adheres to the ground. This is so because the flukes that are facing downward get firmly dug into the soil and debris beneath, enabling interlocked attachment. Whenever you have to retrieve it, you need to pull the line of your boat over the box anchor, and it will eventually pop out. It is that simple!

The box anchor does not come with a chain, making it convenient to use as compared to others available in the market. No mechanical power from the boat is required to keep it in its place. You just have to toss it out overboard whenever you are about to land, and it will fixate 1 foot away. Another great feature is how easily you can keep it in its storage bag that comes with it making it space-efficient!


  • The placement is firm and holds the boat in place for as long as you are gone.
  • Galvanized exterior protects the underlying steel from oxidizing and thus eroding.
  • Retrieval is not time-consuming and quite easy to do.
  • It does not require a chain which makes it easy to handle.
  • It has a compact design and can be stored conveniently.


  • The paint might chip off after several times of usage.

Powder Coated Box Anchor

Powder Coated Box Anchor

The second product in this category is the powder-coated box anchor. It is pretty much the same thing as described earlier but with a radiant powder finish on the top.

It is a stainless steel box anchor which is also galvanized but has the additional protective layer known as the powder coat. So what is a powder coat? It is a metal powder layer that adheres firmly to the underlying metal.

The box anchor’s steel is galvanized with zinc so that it is not oxidized, thus ensuring the product’s longevity. Afterward, metal powder is also heat-cured with the zinc beneath to give it a protective layer that conserves both the steel and the galvanized areas along with giving the product a vibrant color!

The powder-coated box anchor provides you with all the features mentioned above like great placement, ease to set up and retrieval properties, strong adherence, and compact design!


  • The extra powder finish protects the anchor from rough wind and waves.
  • It is available in a variety of colors. You can choose the one that goes perfectly with your boat!
  • Easy retrieval and placement.
  • Storage is easy as compared to other box anchors.


  • It might be too expensive as compared to its non-powder-coated counterpart.

What makes Slide Anchor’s Box Anchor different from other types of Anchors?

Now you might be thinking, how exactly are these box anchors different from other regular anchors? And why should I go prefer these over conventional ones? Well, I am going to address this here.

Conventional anchors typically are not foldable and occupy greater space as compared to box anchors. Slide Anchor’s box anchors can be folded flat, which makes their storage convenient and super quick.

It also comes with a well-ventilated storage bag, unlike other anchors. All you have to do is to release the stainless steel arm which holds it upright and pack it away in its storage bag!

Another perk of having a box anchor is that you do not require a chain which makes the process quite hassle-free.

Moreover, contrary to other types of anchors that require more extensive anchor lines, these anchor boxes require only a small fraction of them. It’s these minor user-friendly advancements make the brand’s box anchors a popular choice among boaters and fishermen.

These self-sufficient box anchors are able to roll over to one side and set themselves one foot ahead of the boat without additional manpower. This does not affect the functioning of the anchor since it is stronger and reliable as compared to traditional anchors. Needless to say, box anchors are the sophisticated counterparts of the traditional ones, and I highly recommend using them!

Wrap Up

As I quoted earlier, anchoring your boats on the Dock when you plan a night over or want to spend quality time on distant islands is important! It helps keep your boat tied in place and acts as safety gear.

This resultantly demands a stronghold over the boat, which is provided by durable, top-quality materials. You now know where to look them from! Slide Anchor is an outstanding brand to choose for the boat’s anchoring needs. Customer reviews are great as well, so what are you waiting for?

Hit the waters without the fear of your boat drifting away!

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