Classic Accessories Roanoke Pontoon Boat Review

Are you in search of a solo fisherman boat that is easy to maneuver and is not heavy on your pocket too? Good news awaits you! I am here to tell you more about the possible best fit for you; the Classic Accessories Roanoke Pontoon Boat.

With its durable and abrasion-resistant material and lightweight body with simple features, the boat is all about the basics! But that does not mean it is any less than the high-end boats out there. It might not have all the fancy stuff that serves little to no purpose, but it has managed to gain the trust of fishermen, both novice and expert.

Keeping it low profile and budget-friendly, you can experience an amazing fishing journey with this pontoon boat. Let’s move ahead to find out more about what it offers!

Brand Overview

Known for special emphasis on details and intricacy, Classic Accessories has earned the public’s trust and support over the years. This Seattle-based company came into being in 1983 and has been appreciated and admired for its attractive yet thoughtful designs ever since.

Outdoor activities are mandatory for a good and healthy lifestyle. While some people are fond of the outdoors for work purposes, others do it merely out of passion. Classic Accessories keeps in mind just that and makes sure that your time out there is fun and convenient simultaneously.

The brand has been working on producing top-notch products for its customers ranging from veranda accessories to various textile products that help in protecting your outdoor gear. The utmost dedication and quality that is incorporated into everyday outdoor accessories by the brand, as well as the commendable customer policies, make it a great partner to accompany you on your trips.

If you are looking for reliable and chic outdoor gear that lasts for a long period, this brand might just be the right pick for you. Boats, RV covers, outdoor furniture, they have got it all!

Prominent Features

Coming to the article’s crux, Classic Accessories Roanoke Pontoon Boat, I have compiled all the features and aspects you need to know about before you opt for it for your fishing ventures. Let’s dig in!

Basic Features

This pontoon boat is all about minimalist features! But this does not mean that it does not do justice to the primary objective it was built for. This reliable and overall elegant-looking boat is 8 feet long and weighs 43 pounds. You might be wondering if it can support ample weight? Of course, it can! With a carrying capacity of 350 pounds, which is almost eight times its weight, it is a good, lightweight option for all you enthusiastic fishermen.

You will find a single seat in between with storage spaces beneath the armrests and one behind the seat in the mesh platform. Other features include 6 feet long aluminum oars, a powder-coated frame, pontoons, and oarlocks with steel tubing, enough to make your journey efficient without weighing the boat down.

A Portable and Compact Option

Classic Accessories Roanoke Pontoon Boat is a portable option if you are an ambitious fisherman always on the look for different places. You can easily carry this compact boat anywhere with you since the aluminum oars can be separated into two pieces which can then easily be stored away in the trunk of your car.

Now you do not have to carry a conventional heavy-duty boat with equally heavy oars to fulfill your fishing adventures when you can use this portable pontoon boat instead!

Easy to Navigate

I have already mentioned the aluminum oars that come with the boat. These efficient pieces make sure that rowing is as effortless as possible for you. If you ever lose hold of the oars, do not worry since they will stay at their place and keep the boat stable and on the go!

Needless to say, the boat being lightweight makes it maneuverable and fast; however, there is only one position to control the oars from, which is a limitation that comes with the package.

Plenty of Storage

Do not fall for the minimalist design of the Roanoke Pontoon Boat since it offers sufficient space for you to store your fishing accessories. You will find ample space in the armrest pockets just beneath the oarlocks and a mesh framework behind your seat to keep all the fish and/or other accessories safe and sound however you please.

Getting a storage space in a minimal yet efficient pontoon boat, that too at an affordable price? What a catch!

Strengthening Material

Are you tired of inflatable boats that puncture as soon as you hit a rocky place? Classic Accessories Roanoke Pontoon Boat is not going to disappoint you then! Its base is made up of heavy-duty PVC that ensures puncture-resistant bottom so that you can enjoy a worry-free fishing experience.

The tops are of nylon, which is not as strong as the PVC but can withstand mild abrasive effects of wind and water. This strengthening duo is what makes the boat your perfect fishing partner.

Affordable Than Others

Because of simple and basic features without the extra complementary elements, this is an affordable option for you. If you are a beginner or if you do not require fancy additional stuff, this is the best option for you.

This classic pontoon can also be used for recreational purposes. Getting all of the above-mentioned features at a reasonable price got me overwhelmed, and I am sure it will get you too!

What did I like about the boat?

The first and foremost feature that I loved about this inflatable boat was the heavy-duty PVC used at the bottom. I can take the boat for fishing, be it calm water or mild waves, be it a plain lake-bed or a rocky ride; I do not have to worry about the base getting punctured or losing its texture. The tough nylon on the tops also makes the boat quite abrasion-resistant, which is such a huge relief!

The simple yet elegant design is what caught my eye in the first place. The boat might come off as a pretty average piece from Classic Accessories’ line-up, but once you get to use it, you will realize that the basics do justice to your fishing experience so that you do not feel the need to add the fancy stuff.

The steel tubing of the oarlocks is another feature to be complimented here. It only promises reliability and strength, especially at times of windy weather or rough waters. If you accidentally let go of the oars, these beauties are there to stabilize them.

The affordable price tag that it comes with is also one of the reasons that attracted other customers and me towards this efficient boat. The price is quite reasonable for this pontoon boat since it does not come with expensive supplementary features. You pay for the basics, which do not disappoint.

You get to have three storage spaces! Even in a simple boat like Roanoke Pontoon, you get to have spacious armrest pockets where you can keep your accessories and fishing gear. In addition to these pockets, you also get a mesh platform behind your seat to keep all that fresh fish you catch!

You can quickly and efficiently inflate and deflate the boat without much hassle and effort. Another plus point!

What I did not like about the boat?

Where being lightweight is considered a pro in many ways, it has its drawbacks in other ways. Since the boat does not have fancy features and heavy-duty stuff to weigh it down, it is quite lightweight. This makes it difficult to bear with the windy weather conditions since the boat gets a bit out of control.

The oars might be too long to use for some. While long oars help with rowing as compared to short ones, the process does become hectic after some time, so you cannot use this combo if you plan an entire day out on the lake.

The seats are made up of plastic that gets uncomfortable if you have been fishing for quite some time. You have to carry a cushion with you if you plan on fishing all day.

Customer Reviews

The users have been nothing but praises for the pontoon boat. According to many of them, it was their best purchase in pontoons so far! With its minimalistic features, it has been an amazing product by the Classic Accessories line-up and has proved to be the perfect fit for beginners or people who do not fancy supplemental features that usually do more damage than good.

Another feature that is admired by many is the puncture and abrasion-resistant material used in the bottom namely PVC. Ambitious and adventurous fishermen are now able to explore rocky water beds without the fear of puncturing the inflatable boat. The additional storage space also relieves many people who usually face the dilemma of lack of storage for keeping their fishing gear or fish. The oarlocks with steel tubing have proved to be a great addition to the conventional fishing boats since it helps in keeping the oars in place if you lose control which is a common human error.

Coming to the demerits of the pontoon boat, a few customers have been complaining about the uncomfortable plastic chair. The boat can be used for an hour or two, but not more than that since it gets quite uncomfortable. Moreover, the boat is lightweight, which is a given since it does not have all the heavy-duty features. This makes it difficult to control in breezy weather, which gets more cumbersome when combined with the hectic rowing via oars.

All in all, the customers recommend the Classic Accessories Roanoke Pontoon Boat for beginners or if you do not require the additional decorative stuff. Also, if you have got company, you might want to look at other options since it is for one person only.

Wrap Up

Provided all the basic features, merits, and demerits of the Classic Accessories Roanoke Pontoon Boat, I think it is the perfect choice for novice fishermen to polish their hunting skills with its simplistic and nimble design. If you are all about basics, this might be just the right fit for you.

Suitable for fishing in both plain and rocky water bodies, this pontoon boat guarantees a good solo hunting experience. You might need some extra energy for the continuous rowing using the long oars plus a cushion for comfortable seating. Separate storage space and the economical price as compared to other pontoons is a great catch, too, so hurry up and get your Pontoon Boat to begin the fun!

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