Colorado XT Pontoon Boat Review

There are high chances that you’re looking for an inflatable boat with excellent features for the best adventure. Whether you want to have fun or go fishing, the Colorado XT Pontoon should be your preferred boat as it offers comfort, versatility and comes with excellent features. 

This boat has two drink holders and 20 pockets which means you can carry everything you need for your adventure without worrying if they’ll fit. Moreover, it comes with a transport wheel that safely helps you transport your dinghy to the ocean, river, or lake. To know more about the Colorado XT Pontoon dinghy, read on!

Colorado Xt Pontoon Boat Quick Overview 

Colorado XT Pontoon is the best and highly rated inflatable dinghy due to its classic and luxurious accessories. All fishing enthusiasts should own one as it has fantastic features mainly designed to make your fishing experience great and enjoyable. 

It doesn’t get bigger than Colorado XT Pontoon as it’s 9 feet long and can carry up to 400 pounds without experiencing any challenges. Moreover, this fantastic boat is designed with a detachable transport wheel to launch as it can be detached and kept in any storage compartments. 

Furthermore, Colorado XT has two wrapped cup holders, a battery storage basket, two gear bags with 20 pockets, rod holders, two removable foam fly stripes, and weather and waterproof mount monitor. All these show how great this boat is. 

Key Specifications 

  • Colorado Pontoons are 9  foot long 
  • Can carry up to 400 pounds
  • Colorado XT weighs 77 pounds when  assembled
  • Comes with accentuated PVC, Steel, and Nylon

Colorado Xt Pontoon Boat Pros 

  • It comes with 20 pockets, 2 cup holders, and a portable side pocket
  • Has many storage spaces for your fishing equipment
  • It comes with a transport wheel to help you carry the dinghy to the water source
  • Its anchor system is easy to use
  • Great motor mount with two trolling sections
  • Has two removable foam fly spot
  • Easy to disassemble and assemble
  • Has accentuated and strong pontoons, which are suitable for abrasion resistance
  • It comes with both rowing or motor
  • Has many storage spaces
  • Comes a transportation wheel that makes your work easier

Colorado Xt Pontoon Boat Cons 

  • Its seats are a bit uncomfortable, and they can improve on that
  • Colorado XT anchor system is an unoccupied  bag that needs rock filling, which inconveniences a lot of people
  • The boat doesn’t come with its pump
  • The motor mount makes it challenging to steer using one hand

Who Should Get The Colorado Xt Pontoon Boat? 

Colorado XT pontoon dinghy is ideal for fishing enthusiasts who need small boats to transport easily without extra help. It’s possible to row it using the incorporated oar hooks or oars or, similarly, operate a motor to help in the whole fishing process. This boat is one of the best to maneuver on fresh and saltwater. Moreover, Colorado XT has a vast storage capacity that is efficient for storing all your fishing equipment.   

However, this dinghy is not made for long adventures or travel. Similarly, you need to be careful with it as it does not guarantee protection. It’s simply not made for fishing in dangerous areas that jeopardizes your safety. Even though you can transport this boat over long distances, it can prove to be a headache.

Colorado XT Pontoon Boat Review

1. Features 

Colorado XT is a durable pontoon that is designed or comes with a long-lasting PVC bottom. Also, it features solid nylon tops that are durable, a removable foam fly patch, and soft material plastic seats which are great for comfort. 

This boat makes it easy to store your gear as it has a back-end storage area. This storage area has two drink holders, 12 zip pockets, and ten net pockets. In addition, the Colorado XT pontoon comes with a transport wheel that facilitates easy transportation and ensures you gain access to your treasured fishing spots. 

The Colorado XT pontoon can be used in ponds, rivers, and lakes without encountering any challenges. This boat takes care of the standards put out by ABYC and comes with safety features like tow rings, a distinctive stripping apron, a fish ruler that ensures there’s easy entry and exit, valves that are easy to deflate, high ride for quality visibility, and footrest.   

2. Portability & Setup 

Getting quality boats that are easy to set up can be quite a headache, but with Colorado XT, you are assured of getting the best dinghy you can set up alone in minutes. Even though Colorado requires some extra work like attaching the frames, it’s not challenging to set up, and it only requires you to follow the given instructions.

The first time you’re setting this pontoon, it will take you some time because you’re still getting used to the instructions. However, after using it for some time, you’ll be able to set it up in less than 20 minutes. 

The great thing is that deflating this pontoon is easy as it only takes half the time you used to inflate it. However, this boat might just be a bit heavy to transport or carry as it weighs 71.5 pounds. But it’s still not impossible if you have a friend that’s ready to help out.

Suppose you’re lucky to get space near water to park this dinghy than the better as you won’t have to stress about carrying it. Another option is to find a wheeled cart if you feel the weight is unbearable. 

3. Construction Quality

The Colorado XT dinghy is probably one of the inflatable boats priced below other goods, yet it still comes in good quality. However, for some of you, it might not be cheap, but there’s no doubt about its design quality and how long it can serve you. Some boats are of better quality than Colorado, but it still delivers. 

Other quality dinghies come with a solid PVC, whereas the Colorado XT pontoon has durable PVC underpinning but only nylon upper cover. Its oarlocks are made of bronze, whereas its steel tube is vital. Even though Colorado has cold bladders and can resist heat, its valves are exceptional. 

Generally, the Colorado XT pontoon is a quality boat that comes with a 2-year warranty which most people who have bought it have expressed their satisfaction. You can use this boat for recreational purposes, but you have to ensure that you’re extra careful in protecting it from UV rays and other elements so that it lasts longer. 

4. Trolling Motor

A trolling motor is essential because you’ll need to have the right size and speed that suits your boat. First, you won’t need a trolling motor that’s over five mph. Good shops have trolling motor alternatives that you can pick for your Colorado XT pontoon. To be safe, get yourself a Minn Kota Endura 30. 

This trolling motor is designed with a 30-inch shaft which is great for Colorado XT Pontoon. Moreover, it has three backpedal speeds, four progressive speeds, a durable composite build, and a magnificent design. What’s vital is that it’s easy to mount it to the boat back with the incorporated moto mount. However, you’ll have to buy a trolling motor cell. 

5. What’s in the Package

When unboxing the Colorado XT Pontoon, you’ll notice all the parts of this quality boat just waiting for you to assemble them. There’s a resistant PVC base, portable traveling wheel, a powder steel frame, durable bladders and pontoons, oar locks made of bronze and aluminum oars.  

The Colorado XT box comes with instructions that you’ll need to follow to assemble and put together the boat. However, the Colorado box does not come with a repair kit, a pump, or essential tools you’ll need to build the boat. 

6. Swivel Seat

Get yourself a swivel seat that comes with seven pedestals to avoid inconveniences. Generally, its swivel seats are mainly found in XTS pontoon even though it can be incorporated in Colorado Pontoon dinghies when the demand arises. Get rid of your seat to include a swivel seat for a beautiful experience. 

7. Limitations

There’s no doubt that Colorado XT Pontoons assure you great features; it’s relatively cheap to buy and has excellent craftsmanship. However, it has some limitations. First, their anchor system is one of the issues people feel should be improved. It’s just a space you fill with rocks. 

Even though the anchor system isn’t a great dealbreaker, it still looks odd searching for rocks to carry in your trunk or being stressed if you’ll find them when you’re in a hurry. I recommend you get yourself an excellent anchor to save yourself time and the drama when you have a short mission to attend to. 

Moreover, the Colorado XT doesn’t come with a pump which is very inconvenient. Even though it’s not a big deal, you should buy one to avoid disappointment. Furthermore, this boat’s seats aren’t that comfortable as they can leave you with a sore butt when you’re going for long adventures. I recommend you get yourself a nice and smooth cushion to help you relax and feel comfortable.

Final Verdict 

If you’re looking for a robust, versatile, and durable inflatable fishing dinghy, then Colorado XT Pontoon should be one of your first choices. You can take Colorado to the lake, ocean and come back with it still looking brand new. This boat is advantageous to anglers as it’s easy to assemble, has excellent storage spaces for your fishing gear, and has the option of using a motor or rowing. 

Even though rowing is difficult, especially without skegs moving in one direction, you still have the option of using a motor. If you plan on using a battery or a strong motor, get ready to do DIY to function effectively.

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