3 Best Inflatable Boat Trailer – Ultimate Guide

Not so long ago, I made one of the best decisions of my life – to indulge myself in boating ventures. Initially, I leaned towards inflatable boat roof racks as I had seen my friends using them. However, soon I realized that there should be another way to take my boat to the shore, too, because roof racks don’t come in handy every time.

Although the importance of roof racks cannot be undermined as they are pretty easy to install, I do not quite enjoy attaching and detaching the luggage off my car’s roof and the whole ropes scenario. Therefore I found the idea of a boat trailer is pretty liberating as it eliminates the inconvenience of loading and unloading the boat and its accessories.

So, I started rolling by towing this tool behind my car and found it more convenient, especially for shorter distances.

After trying my hands on a few of these tools, I have compiled a list of the three best inflatable boat trailers. Let’s look into them and discover what the hype is about.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Inflatable Boat Trailer

There are a few things you need to consider before buying yourself a boat trailer. These simple factors will help you a lot in narrowing down the options. So, let’s get right into it without any further delay!

Trailer & Boat Length

Being sure about the measurements of your boat and trailer is the most crucial thing to keep in mind for it to fit into the trailer comfortably. So don’t forget to take an estimate beforehand.

Load Capacity

Carrying capacity isn’t much of an issue considering an inflatable boat as they are lightweight compared to conventional ones. However, I would advise you to calculate the weight of everything you want to load onto the trailer along with the inflatable boat. It may include your fishing accessories, storage bag, batteries, etc. After that, match it with the load capacity of different trailers, and then go for the ones that you think can handle your stuff.

Construction Material of The Trailer

Companies manufacture boating trailers using aluminum or galvanized steel. When it comes to inflatable boats, galvanized steel is a good option to consider as it is corrosion-resistant. However, some others prefer aluminum trailers over galvanized ones since they are comparatively lightweight. Therefore, make a decision depending on what factor goes more in your favor.

Brand Reputation

It goes without saying, but researching about a brand’s market reputation is as imperative as choosing a trailer that aligns with your preferences. Therefore, take some time to read user reviews on a brand’s social media accounts or YouTube. It may substantially help you grasp a precise idea about the product’s features and specs. You can also check out how long the brand has been in the business, their customer support, the way they handle users’ complaints, etc.

My Top Picks

In my humble opinion, these products are the ideal blueprint for fishing and boating adventures.

1. CE Smith Multi-Sport Trailer

CE Smith Multi-Sport Trailer

The first product that is gracing my list is from a company we know as C.E Smith. It is a renowned organization that has earned a well-reputed status in the market. It manufactures premium-quality fishing accessories, small trailers, and boating stuff. Let’s have a look at the features, pros, cons, and user reviews of its boat trailer.


If you are looking for a top-tier trailer for your boating adventures, this might be the one you should go for. In this section, we will have a look at the features of this product. Let’s dig in. 

Galvanized Steel

This trailer is manufactured with a galvanized steel frame that ensures rust prevention. I recommend going for this trailer if you have intentions to launch your boat straight into the saltwater, as galvanized steel can handle it pretty well.

Weight Capacity

With a load capacity of 800 lbs, it is manufactured to carry at least 12’ long inflatable boats and PWC.

Hassle-free Installation

The package comes unassembled, and you have to set everything up. It includes everything you need; therefore, you won’t need to buy anything extra to assemble it. The package contains a pair of carpeted bunk boards, DOT-approved lights, winch stand, hook and strap, and hitch coupler.

What Did I like About This Product?

  • I love that the size is big enough to conveniently carry small boats, inflatable boats, and even kayaks.
  • Despite being a large object, it is altogether lightweight and easy to manage.
  • You no longer need to worry about the setup procedure. The comprehensive instructions have got you covered.
  • The material is rust-proof and saltwater safe.
  • There is a suspension to make sure that you have a safe ride.
  • Another thing I liked about this trailer is that the manufacturers have added side marker lights to simplify the process for people to spot the side of your trailer on the road.

What Did I Not Like About This Product?

There isn’t any notable negative point to write down as something unlikeable in this product. It is a well-built and sturdy product that can offer excellent long-term value.

Customer Reviews

Product buyers are raving about this product’s excellency. They love how the material is so sturdy yet lightweight. From easy setup to travel-friendly at the highway, this trailer has all the ingredients to be a top favorite product on the list. Most customers had experience working with household equipment, and they suggested that this tool is also easy to use for a novice user.

2. Malone MicroSport Sports Trailer

Malone MicroSport Sports Trailer

The Malone sports trailer is another fabulous alternative to roof racks. Let’s have an overview of its features.


Malone has been winning the trust of its customers for a long time due to high-quality products and excellent customer service. This one of their products arrives in compact packaging with precise directions. The most prominent features of this product are:


With a weight capacity of 800 lbs, this trailer gives you the liberty to load your water toys, kayaks, canoes, and other fishing accessories conveniently. You will find the loading and unloading of your stuff on it is a hassle-free task, especially if you have prior experience.

Rust Proof

The galvanized steel allows you to unload your boating equipment and launch straight into the seawater since it’s rust-proof. The wheels also come in a galvanized steel frame.

Heavy-duty Tongue

With a carrying capacity of 800 lb, it comes with an extended tongue that allows you to transport 19-20’ long boats. With this incredible tongue, you won’t even have to worry about large inflatable boats. Plus, the enlarged figure also gives you the liberty to maneuver freely. This trailer can handle 3-4 kayaks at the same time.

Straightforward Instructions

The package comes with accurate and detailed instructions. The assembling process will take approximately 3-4 hours. However, if you are a handyman or have experience playing with tools, you can do it in much less time. The package comes with pre-fitted mechanical, electrical, and hub assemblies, so there you have it.

What Did I Like About This Product?

  • I like that this trailer comes with plenty of accessories that give you the freedom to upgrade the game.
  • The design is sturdy, and the material is durable. I have a feeling that it can stay with you for years to come.
  • Comprehensive guidelines and accessories save your precious time and enable you to assemble everything on your own.
  • The gigantic crossbars offer enormous storage space.
  • Last but not least, this bad guy is pretty lightweight and easy to handle.

What Did I Not Like About This Product?

I like to prefer a metal license plate holder over a plastic one. In this Malone trailer, they have incorporated a plastic plate holder in the light kit.

Customer Reviews

Customers were all praises for this product. They loved the quality and performance of this trailer. However, some of them complained that the lights that come with this trailer aren’t that significant, and they need to upgrade to an LED light system.

3. MicroSport™ LowBed™ 2 Boat Trailer w/2nd Tier

MicroSport™ LowBed™ 2 Boat Trailer w2nd Tier

These trailers are one of the best-selling fishing equipment of all time.  About six years ago, the company decided to add a second-tier upon customers’ requests. It makes it a different fishing tool from the previous two products I reviewed, along with a few other attributes.


Let’s have a look at the specifications and characteristics of this product.

Lower Bars

It is a piece of adjustable sporting equipment that has a low boat second-tier kit. The manufacturers have designed the bottom luggage bars by revamping the whole design. Of course, the intent behind this is to facilitate the users and heavily reduce the height of the bar. In this way, the process of loading and unloading bulky items becomes pretty comfortable and safer.

LED lighting (Dot Approved)

Its 2021 fellas and boat trailers with LED light systems are becoming the new norm. You may ask, do they have an advantage over the traditional light system? Yes, LED lights are much more durable and won’t require maintenance every so often. Moreover, they are pretty easy to spot and require less power.

Universal Crossbar System

Another prominent attribute is that you can put about anything on it. For instance, you can put inflatable boats, kayaks, J hooks, and anything you are habitual of loading on the top of your car’s roof.

What Did I Like About This Product?

  • Its impressive steel tongue can carry up to 20’ longboats.
  • The ease of installation is cherry on top as the product arrives with pre-assembled hubs.
  • Most boating trailers don’t feature center storage, but this trailer does.
  • The trailer is overall quite well-built as it features a wingnut system.
  • The high-quality padding protects the kayaks and boats.

What Do I Not Like About This Product?

The durability, performance, and simple management are the standout characteristics of this product. What can I say? There is nothing as such to dislike about this trailer.

Customer Reviews

Microsport boat trailers can be your ultimate companion at nearby lakes and long-distance sea adventures – These are the thoughts of some of the customers who have used this trailer. The overwhelming customer appreciation that this product has received speaks for the fact that the company delivers what it promises.


How do you secure an inflatable boat to a trailer?

It is essential to tightly secure your inflatable boat to the trailer to prevent the movements. The best way to tie a boat to the trailer is through strapping. There are cam and ratchet straps available that offer a solid grip. Please remember that this process requires excellence. Otherwise, it may not only destroy your boat but, a collision can occur with other cars too

How long should a boat trailer tongue be?

There are distinct rules and regulations. Some states have restrictions that a boat’s tongue should not be longer than six feet. The extended tongue may provide ease to handle the luggage, but it can make the driving process a bit complicated for drivers who don’t have much experience.

Bottom Line

Loading your inflatable boats, kayaks, sups, surfing boards, and other water tools on your car’s roof can be a bit complicated for some people for a lot of different reasons. After all, not everything is everyone’s cup of tea, and the roof rack system is one of those examples.

If you feel yourself in the category of people being uncomfortable with a car’s roof racks, a boat trailer can make an incredibly fabulous option for you. There are an array of futuristic trailers in the market featuring premium-quality attributes. I have listed down three of my personal favorites. I hope you find valuable information from this article.

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