Kayak Seat Upgrade And Replacement: Here Are 5 Best Kayak Seats You Can Choose

Kayaking is all fun and games until you start experiencing body aches and muscle pains because of long hours of being in the water in an uncomfortable kayak seat.

To make your trips enjoyable and peaceful, you need to invest in comfortable kayak seats that accompany you on the waters. This is exactly what this article is about: the Best Kayak Seats that you can choose!

There are many elements to consider and numerous products out there to choose from so that you do not end up with a chiropractor! So how to go about it? What things should you consider and things you should be wary about?

I am here to break it down for you along with the top picks that I have compiled after conducting extensive research.

So, continue reading to learn all about it!

6 Things To Consider Before Buying A Kayak Seat

Before I indulge in explaining my favorite kayak seats, here is a little insight into what things you should consider before buying a kayak seat to make an informed decision.

Type of Your Kayak

While it may seem obvious, people still end up getting a seat that does not fit their kayak. So, make sure that you get the right one, be it the Universal clam shell Seat or the solo and twin seats. Also, check if the seats are suitable for a sit-in or sit-on style and if they are for inflatable or non-inflatable kayaks.

Material of the Seat

Comfort and longevity are important! Materials used in the manufacture of these seats play a vital role in determining both of them. The material should be able to endure stresses as well as provide you with comfort on your trips. Moreover, it should withstand the marine environment, too, without succumbing to wear and tear. Some great, durable options are denier polyester and innovative gel cushioning.

Shape of the Seat

The seat should be able to provide adequate support to your body. The backrest must be tall enough to support the entire back and contoured enough to offer lumbar support.

This is crucial as insufficient support, or hard exteriors can lead to serious body aches. Adjustable seats with sturdy straps are a plus!

Adequate Ventilation

A factor that is neglected often is the breathability and ventilation in the kayak. Air should pass between the paddler and the seat to prevent sweat rashes or blisters as well as keep the paddler cool. This might not be on the top of your head, but still equally important!

Your Budget

While I try to enlist budget-friendly options, I also recommend spending those extra dollars on stuff that will last and not cause problems in the long run. It is better to spend once than to constantly spend on fixing cheap products.

Extra Features

There are numerous options out there that might attract you because of the additional features they come with, like extra storage bags, fishing rods, water bottle holders, and many others. And it is good to go for such an option, provided it adds to one’s convenience!

My Top Picks – Best Kayak Seats

Skwoosh Expedition Kayak Seat

Skwoosh Expedition Kayak Seat

The first and foremost is the name of solace and versatility; Skwoosh Expedition Kayak Seat. Let’s find out what this kayak seat holds in store for us!


Top-Notch Engineering

This kayak seat is a true embodiment of comfort, which is possible because of the materials of the highest quality that are used in its manufacturing. It has a cushion that is waterproof and has a fluidized gel that aids in relieving excessive pressure.

Sufficient Back Support

With its 20 inches tall back support, paddlers and fishermen now do not have to suffer from backaches after long days on the waters. Moreover, the contoured shape provides adequate lumbar support for comfortable paddling all day long.

Adjustable Straps

You can adjust the fastening straps, made of heavy-duty material, as they are customizable and protect you from slipping. These are accompanied by swivel clips which are corrosion resistant.

Storage Bungee

Not only does the seat serve the purpose of providing you with comfort and relief, but it also offers a storage bungee net for your essential gear and other stuff. Moreover, there are 2 built-in insulated holders for water bottles. A great option at a reasonable price!

What Do I Like About The Product?

  • The fluidized gel in the cushion seat is what really had me! This innovative idea helps relieves pressure and other stresses, thus keeping you comfortable and cozy.
  • The straps come with corrosion-resistant swivel clips and are easily adjustable.
  • The bungee net is my favorite part! I can now carry essential gear on my trips without having to worry about ample storage space.
  • The convenient installation of the seat is impressive too.

What Do I Not Like About The Product?

The padding might not be as thick as that of other competitive options.

Customer Reviews

Paddlers and fishermen could not have been happier! The contoured backrest is their favorite part as they have gotten rid of body aches and pains due to inadequate lumbar support. The seat is suitable for all kinds of build and weight and prevents slippage.

Some people, however, had to bolt the seat to the kayak for it to be really secure and in place. All in all, the positive reviews outweigh the negative ones for this product!

Leader Accessories Deluxe Padded Kayak Seat

Leader Accessories Deluxe Padded Kayak Seat

Coming to another one of the comfiest and versatile Kayak Seat options, Leader Accessories Kayak Seat is my second favorite option. Following are its features discussed in detail.


Innovative Design

Keeping in mind the basic ergonomics and mechanism to relieve excessive stresses on the body, the seat exhibits a high back and padded support to ensure a comfortable ride. 

Durable Materials

The interior of the seat comprises EVA foam, while the exterior exhibits 210 denier polyester – both ensuring durability and comfort on your water ventures. The seat is further complemented by a deluxe foam cushion which is the reason for the added comfort and luxury.

Adjustable Straps

The seat is quite easy to install and can be adjusted according to the rider’s body and requirements. 2 straps in the front and 2 on the back ensure effective security and safety. These are fastened using high-quality brass connecting snaps.

Reinforced Hooks

Unlike other fastening hooks, the corrosion-resistant hooks in this kayak seat are available in a reinforced design that ensures better attachment.

Storage Space

You also get a storage bag with this kayak seat which can not only be detached but also is waterproof. All your essentials can be safely tucked away in it!

What Do I Like About The Product?

  • I had never been a fan of conventional hooks and straps with a kayak seat until I came across this design! The reinforced hooks come in a better design and promise good attachment.
  • The seat is super comfortable and not too heavy as well!
  • I can pack away my essentials in the safe storage bag with the seat.
  • This seat can be used for both sit-in and sit-on kayaks and boats, a feature rarely present in kayak seats.

What Do I Not Like About The Product?

The lower portion of the seat sometimes bends towards the back, making it quite flexible and eventually compromising support.

Customer Reviews

It is safe to say that this kayak seat by Leader Accessories has been the top pick by many people, including me, because of its user-friendly design and functionalities. The adequate lumbar support and strong straps as well as hooks that ensure reliable attachment, have been appreciated by many!

There is not much that the users complained about except for the bottom padding being thinner than required, which was a problem for a few people.

CLIO Expedition Thick Padded Kayak Seat

CLIO Expedition Thick Padded Kayak Seat

Another one of my picks is the CLIO Expedition Thick Padded Kayak Seat. It is a great option if you are looking for a comfortable and long-lasting Kayak seat because these features are exactly what it promises!


Universal Design

If you tend to change seats multiple times for different kinds of sitting setups, this kayak seat is totally for you! With its universal design, it is suitable for almost all kinds of kayaks, including the ones that need to have a seat fixed on the top or towards the inside. Using the EVA foam interior and an exterior of polyester, the seat speaks of top quality.


Planning a fishing venture that is going to last all day? Do not worry since CLIO’s super comfortable Kayak seat is going to keep you at ease all day long because it features padded foam, which fills the seats and is extra thick for that extra luxury on the waters!

Adjustable Straps

In addition to the anti-slip design of the seat to ensure safety and a padded backrest for comfort, the seat features adjustable straps that can be fastened in 4 ways! You can increase or decrease their length however you want.

Other Accessories

The seat is not all that you get! 4 D-ring pieces and 4 pieces of tie-down pad eyes with screws for both of them, are also included in the package. These accessories help secure the seat according to your preference to ensure maximum safety.

What Do I Like About The Product?

Since top-notch materials are employed, you do not have to worry about changing the seat often as it lasts for longer periods.

The reinforced adjustable straps are a bingo point. It helps you stay put and prevents slipping out of the seat.

You get free D-ring and tie-down pad eyes pieces along with their screws.

What Do I Not Like About The Product?

The bottom padding might not be thick enough as the rest of the seat.

Customer Reviews

People totally dig the comfortable design of the seat as it allows them to stay on the waters for a considerable period without ending up with backaches! So, it is recommended by most people out there.

Surf to Summit Expedition Molded Foam Kayak Seat

GTS Expedition Molded Foam Kayak Seat

Surf to Summit has been promising excellence since its first day and is one of my favorite fishing brands. Let us dig into one of its kayak seat options!


Proper Support

The seat is characterized by thermoformed foam panels in the seat, which provide adequate lumbar support and with its 12.5-inch tall backrest, it can make one of the ideal seat options for you on long trips. Proper support and heavy-duty material mean you will not experience body aches.

Well-Adapted to Water

The seats have a lycra foam laminate which makes them waterproof and best suited for the marine environment. Channeling grooves that are molded in water serve the purpose of keeping you dry by providing drainage to the cockpit water. All these features enhance the longevity of the product too.

Adjustable Straps

Front and rear straps are there, which can be adjusted and fastened however you want. This ensures your protection and security on the waters. The 6 point design for rear attachment is a great anti-slip mechanism

Storage Space

You also get a spacious cargo pack that is built in the seat to safely carry your belongings and small accessories on the trips.

What Do I Like About The Product?

  • I found the water locking system quite beneficial and innovative! The channeling grooves and lycra laminate prevents the seat or the paddler from getting wet when faced with splashes of water.
  • Heavy-duty 600 denier polyester fabric is an excellent and durable material. It prevents wear and tear and is basically one of the important elements responsible for the product’s longevity.
  • You get a zipper cargo pack with the seat, which provides ample storage.
  • Customizable, adjustable straps are there for you to fasten them however you want.

What Do I Not Like About The Product?

This might not be an ideal option for kayaks with a sit-in option.

Customer Reviews

Paddlers are quite enthusiastic about this product and have been especially complimenting the effective locking and drying system. The boat, however, did not suit taller paddlers as the backrest is not tall enough.

Sea Eagle Deluxe Inflatable Kayak Seat

Sea Eagle Deluxe Inflatable Kayak Seat

Last but not least, Sea Eagle Deluxe Inflatable Kayak Seat can be one of the most reliable and long-lasting options you may consider. The brand has made its mark by delivering phenomenal products, including inflatable kayak seats.


Materials Used

Sea Eagle is known for its good quality materials, especially those which are suitable for inflatables and are not at risk of punctures and other kinds of wear or tear. Thick, durable canvas material is employed, which makes the seat leak-proof as well as supports considerable weight.

Comfortable Back Support

Many options of Kayak seats out there are super comfortable but are not suitable for tall riders as they have an insufficient height of the backrest. This kayak seat with a 14 inches tall back seat is for all you tall paddlers!


You will find a rear pocket with a seat that enables you to store some essentials for your trip on the waters. At this affordable price, Sea Eagle’s inflatable kayak seat is a total catch!


Using a pump (which is sold separately), you can inflate the seat according to your liking without any hassle.

What Do I Like About The Product?

  • It is perfect for inflatable kayaks since the seat is specially designed to be puncture-proof and durable.
  • The rear pocket is a plus point as you can carry your little essentials with you, which is otherwise difficult to handle on single-seated, compact kayaks and boats.
  • The canvas material is not only resistant to wear and tear but also is super comfortable to sit in!

What Do I Not Like About The Product?

  • The seat might not be best for hard-sided boats and kayaks since it gets more prone to punctures that way.
  • The inflated seats do not stay put, so you might have to inflate them repeatedly.

Customer Reviews

As I stated earlier, the people who have had experience with the Sea Eagle’s kayak seat have been reporting it to be quite comfortable as compared to other options around. The tall backrest supports the paddler’s body and prevents body aches.

Some customers, however, complained of the repetitive inflation and deflation sessions they have to go through, which makes things a bit discomforting while being on the waters.


Choosing the best Kayak Seat for your fishing and recreational ventures is a tricky job, especially when you have so many options around you. It is always suggested to identify your areas of concern and make a decision accordingly; comfort and versatility being the priority.

The abovementioned products are all compiled after thorough research and careful analysis of the features each one of them offers. I hope this information helps you in making the right decision.

Happy Kayaking!

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