7 Best Pink SUP Boards In 2021 – Ultimate Guide

Girls love beauty, don’t they? They want all their belongings to be as sophisticated as they are and to express their attitude. Especially in the sunshine, on the beach full of crowd, in the waves of the shallow sea, a pink sup board, like a pearl in the dark, attracts everyone’s attention.

However, it’s important to note there is no point in owning a beautiful pink board that cannot function well. So, we will also share what you should consider before buying a paddleboard. 

What Things Girls Should Consider Before Buying a Stand Up Paddleboard

Whether you are buying a pink sup board or one of any other color, you need to consider the following things.

Epoxy vs Inflatable SUP

Your pink SUP board will come in one of two types – epoxy/rigid or inflatable. Your choice for one over the other boils down to your budget, storage space, and performance requirements.

Epoxy SUP

The epoxy or rigid type has a foam core covered with fiberglass and epoxy for solid construction. You need enough space to transport and store this paddleboard en route to and when not in use. Since it is more rigid than an inflatable SUP, it offers more stability in the water. It has a higher performance, particularly in terms of speed and maneuverability. It is also more durable. 

You will have to dig deeper into your pocket to get this rigid SUP compared to the inflatable one.

Inflatable SUP

It is made from high-quality PVC material and has a drop-stitch construction to make it rigid. It is an affordable option for first-time stand-up paddlers. One of its best-selling points is you do not require a lot of space to store and transport. Most come with a carry bag and a paddle that can be assembled and disassembled for easy transportation and storage. It is also affordable but less durable than the Epoxy type.

What Do You Plan To Use the Pink SUP Board For

The performance of any paddleboard depends on the shape, dimensions, and capacity of the board. These specifications also determine what activities you can do. So, every paddler needs to consider them carefully before making any purchase. 


A flat and wide SUP with a rounded nose is suitable for leisure paddling, surfing, and yoga in rivers and lakes. This kind of board is built for riding on top of the water. It offers the stability needed for beginners. 

A narrow SUP with a pointed nose is similar in shape to a canoe. Girls paddlers can use it for racing, touring, and fitness paddling. This narrow SUP moves fast over long distances.


SUP boards come in short, medium, and long. The short paddleboards are below 10-feet long and ideal for surfing. They are also excellent for kids and teens. 

Medium SUP boards come in at 10 to 12-feet long and are suitable for all-around use such as yoga, fishing, leisure paddling, and surfing. You can find some racing sup boards in the medium category. Girls should aim to get a paddleboard within this category for convenient handling.

Long SUP boards come in at 12 to 14-feet long and are ideal for fast, long-distance paddling. 


Widths range from 25 to 36-inches. The general rule is that wider paddleboards offer more stability than narrower ones. However, note that very wide paddleboards are hard to paddle, so choose wisely. Wide ones like those above 30-inches also give you room to store items and comfortably do yoga poses. 

Pink sup boards with a width of 30 to 35-inches give girls excellent stability and allow easy maneuvering.


A thick board has more volume than a thinner one which means you can carry more weight on a thicker stand-up paddleboard. Most inflatable paddleboards are 6-inches thick.


Girls paddlers who like paddleboarding with their dog, child or carry lots of things during outdoor adventures on the water need a board that can take on all this weight. So, look out for boards with a maximum capacity above 275lbs.

Where Will You Use Your Pink SUP Board?

Paddlers paddle in three types of water – ocean, flat water, or whitewater. Not all paddleboards are compatible with these three water bodies, so check if you can use your desired board where you plan to paddle.

Ocean paddleboards are narrow and long. They also have a lifted round pointed bow/nose to cut through waves easily. Solid paddling boards are excellent for such waters, although some inflatable stand-up paddleboards (iSUPs) get the job done. They are typically 11 to 14-feet long with a width of 28 to 32-inches.

Use flatwater paddleboards in lakes, reservoirs, and harbors. They are similar to the open ocean sups but do not have the lifted nose that slows down movement in flatwater conditions. Inflatable SUPs do well in such waters.

Whitewater sups are used in rivers and come shorter than the ocean and flatwater ones. They have a lift at the front. Inflatable SUPs perform much better in these waters than epoxy ones. They average under 10-feet long and 30 to 35-inches wide.

Additional Accessories

Check if your desired pink stand-up paddleboard comes with additional accessories in its complete package. Look out for other features such as the inclusion of a foot safety leash, bungee cords, fins, an adjustable paddle, a waterproof backpack, or even a repair kit.

7 Best Pink SUP Boards For Girls

1. SereneLife Premium Inflatable Paddleboard 

SereneLife Premium Inflatable Paddleboard 

The stunningly designed SereneLife pink inflatable paddleboard measures 10.5 feet, 32-inches wide, 6-inches thick, and weighs 36lbs. Its dimensions make it suitable for surfing, leisure paddling, and fishing. The width is wide enough to use for meditation and SUP yoga. 

Its 6-inch thickness and a maximum capacity of 275lbs allow you to pack some extra gear without the board sinking into the water. This paddleboard is not too long or wide, which makes it suitable for beginners, young adults, and adult paddlers. Paddlers can comfortably use it in the ocean, on a lake, and a river.

SereneLife builds this paddleboard to last. So, you do not have to fear it falling apart in the water. It does this by using a resilient, military-grade PVC, UV-resistant fabric with double sidewalls and a core reinforced with drop stitch technology.

The package has exciting features such as the no-slip EVA deck, which improves stability and reduces the chances of falling into the water in wet conditions. Its soft nature also cushions paddlers from serious injury in the event of a fall – which happens to the best of us. 

Also, it comes with 6 D-rings and a bungee cord to safely keep extra gear dry and in place. In addition, it has two rings paddlers can use to attach a kayak seat and one other to latch an ankle cuff leash. 

The manual pump included in the package has a pressure gauge that helps you tell when you are nearing the maximum pressure of 20 PSI required.


  • It is sturdy, stable, and easy to maneuver.
  • Made to last because of military-grade fabric.
  • It has a soft, anti-slip deck.
  • Features 9 D-rings to secure more belongings and extra gear.
  • It comes with an ankle cuff leash for additional safety.
  • Easy to use, transport, and store.


  • It does not move fast.
  • Not as stable in rough waters.

2. FBSPORT Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

FBSPORT Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

The FBSport pink iSUP comes in two different sizes – 10-feet long by 30-inches wide and 10.5-feet long by 31-inches wide. It only weighs 22lbs, making it easy to move from one point to another. Its 6-inch thickness and a maximum capacity of 280lbs allow paddlers to carry extra gear or paddle with another person on board without the fear of sinking or not being able to paddle well.

The three fins make steering easy and improve stability, making it suitable for kids, teens, and adults at any skill level. One of the three fins is removable to improve performance depending on the conditions at play. Paddlers can use the board for spearfishing, recreational paddling, SUP yoga, and touring.

FBSPORT makes this pink sup board from high-quality military-grade, UV, and scratch-resistant fabric. This means paddleboarders can paddle away without fear of any wear and tear due to the sun’s rays and objects in the water. 

This paddleboard features an ankle cuff leash for safety that keeps your paddleboard close when you fall over. It also comes with a backpack storage bag to conveniently store the board and other gear when not in use. The large backpack also allows you to carry the board easily during short hikes or between camping spots.

The assembly and disassembly of the three-piece paddle require little effort. Its adjustable qualities allow you to change the lengths while paddling, whether seated, kneeling, or standing. The collapsible paddle fits well in the travel backpack.


  • Made from military-grade material with scratch and UV-resistant qualities
  • It is lightweight.
  • The paddle is adjustable and collapsible.
  • It has a soft, textured anti-slip deck.
  • This iSUP has a high weight capacity of 280lbs.


  • The paddle does not float
  • It does not maintain stability in choppy water.

3. HIGHPI Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

HIGHPI Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

The modern pink, HIGHPI stand-up paddleboard takes no prisoners when it comes to high performance. It measures 10.5-feet long, 32-inches wide, 6-inches thick, making it suitable for yoga, fishing, surfing, crabbing, recreational paddling, and sunbathing. 

HIGHPI makes this modern pink sup from two layers of reinforced PVC material for added performance and durability even in rough waters. This board comes with SGS, CE, and ISO certifications, so you know quality is guaranteed. The brand offers a one-year warranty on this paddleboard.

The HIGHPI is one of our lightest sup boards, coming in at 18.5lbs. This makes it suitable for girls, young adults, and adults, who will not struggle to carry it anywhere. The carry handle at the center of the board further helps transport the paddleboard to and from the water.

It can support an impressive maximum capacity of 300lbs. So, you can have your pet, friend, child, husband, or extra gear tag along with you without the board getting overwhelmed.

It features a 5L dry bag apart from the travel backpack. This bag can store a cell phone, keys, and anything else you need to keep dry during your adventure. It also comes with 10 D-rings, a bungee cord that keeps extra gear dry and securely in place, and a safety leash to attach to your ankle. 

Like other pink iSUPs, the HIGHPI comes with a hand pump. What sets this one apart is the pump fills the board with air in both the upward and downward motion. This cuts down maximum inflation time to about 10 minutes, giving you more time to enjoy paddling in the water.


  • A sturdy board with excellent performance even when catching waves.
  • It is lightweight and easy to transport.
  • It has a high maximum capacity of 300lbs
  • Double action hand pump that inflates the SUP fast.
  • It comes with a 5L dry bag for essentials such as keys and a cell phone.
  • The non-slip deck is available.
  • 10 D-rings to secure your gear, anchor with friends’ paddleboards, and attach the safety leash provided.
  • A one-year warranty is available.


  • A few customers have complained their paddles do not float.

4. ROC Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

ROC Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

The sangria pink, ROC inflatable stand-up paddleboard is undeniably one of the best SUPs out there. It is built to last with its QuadCORE military-grade PVC material. Its side walls are reinforced with triple layers to withstand wear from bumps and scratches while out in the water.

It measures 10-feet long, 32-inches wide, and 6-inches thick, making it suitable for girls, men, and children of all levels of paddleboarding. The board is excellent for beginners as it is wide enough to offer beginners all the stability they need.

ROC SUP Co. designed this paddleboard for all-around activities in the ocean, freshwater lakes, and rivers. Its sturdiness and maneuverability make it excellent for touring and exploring caves and river bends.

Riders can carry this board with no effort because this Sangria pink SUP board weighs 20% lighter than most at 17.5lbs. Bring on your pets, family, friends, or some fishing gear without worry for a day out on the water. This is because it has a maximum capacity of 330lbs.

The package features a waterproof bag to keep change-over clothes, keys, phones, or a snack when out on the water. It also features an anti-slip deck, a coiled safety leash, a removable fin for added stability and speed, a hand pump for quick inflation, and a travel backpack. 


  • It is sturdy, stable, and easy to maneuver.
  • The military-grade material and reinforced sidewalls make it durable.
  • The ROC SUP is compatible for use in the ocean, freshwater lakes, and rivers.
  • It is lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Easy to inflate and deflate.
  • It is suitable for carrying 2-individual paddlers or a pet and extra gear.
  • The adjustable and collapsible paddle floats.
  • It has several D-rings to help park the board.


  • Some users have complained about air leaks around the air valve.

5. VoltSurf iSUP

VoltSurf iSUP

The VoltSurf iSUP is quite the looker. Its high-definition print with pink sidewalls will certainly get second and third glances your way. It measures 11-feet long, 32-inches wide, and 6-inches thick, making it suitable for paddling and long-distance adventures on harbors, rivers, oceans, and lakes. Its width gives riders enough space to do low-impact exercises.

VoltSurf uses high-quality military-grade PVC material for maximum durability. The UV-resistant fabric ensures that the vivid colors do not fade. It also uses drop stitch technology to ensure the board remains rigid throughout. 

The pink VoltSurf inflatable stand-up paddleboard can support a weight of up to 320lbs. It allows girls paddlers to ride the water with a friend or significant other without an issue. It comes with a single fin that works similar to traditional rigid surfboards. The single fin allows the SUP to move smoothly and straight in the water without experiencing any drag.

VoltSurf features a double-action pump that fills up your SUP faster. You can adjust the air valve to allow air in one direction making it less tiresome to inflate your board during the last pumps. The pump has a pressure gauge to indicate when you have reached the maximum pressure of 15 PSI.

The complete package features a travel backpack that is like no other on this list. It is large enough to fit your board, pump, paddle and has additional space for a towel or other gear a paddler would wish to carry. The bag comes with hip straps that hold the bag in place while you hike around. We love that the bag also comes with wheels. So, if you get tired of carrying the backpack, just pull it along.


  • This pink sup board has a gorgeous look.
  • It is designed to last with its military-grade, UV-resistant PVC material.
  • It is sturdy and compatible for use in oceans, lakes, and rivers.
  • The double-action pump reduces the time spent inflating.
  • An adjustable air valve allows for effortless inflation during the last pumps.
  • It has an easy-to-setup, removable single fin.
  • The spacious backpack has adequate space for extra gear.
  • The travel backpack comes with hip straps ideal for girls hikers and wheels for easy transportation.


  • This iSUP has a small space to secure gear using the bungee cord.
  • The package does not come with an ankle leash for safety.
  • It does not have many D-rings to strap items or park boards.
  • It is expensive.

6. Run Wave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 

Run Wave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 

The Run Wave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is another beautifully designed girly paddleboard. Its pink lotus flowers give it an artistic appeal that will put a smile on your face every time you get on the board. This iSUP measures 10.5-feet long, 34-inches wide, and 6-inches thick and is one of the widest boards on this list. Its extra-wide dimensions make it excellent for yoga poses, light exercises, and fishing, all the while keeping you stable. 

Its 20lbs weight and convenient grip handle at the center of the board make the board portable. The board can handle 325lbs, allowing girls paddlers to ride with someone else, a pet or two, and carry fishing gear. It is made from high-grade PVC material that doesn’t scratch easily. The board remains firm on the water thanks to the use of drop stitch technology.

Inflation and deflation are quick and easy. However, you may require more energy during the last few pumps. The carry bag compactly stores the entire kit, which features a three-piece paddle, hand pump, and a coiled foot leash.


  • It has a beautiful lotus flower design with vivid colors.
  • The wide paddleboard offers extra stability for all skill levels.
  • It is lightweight, making it portable.
  • The heavy-duty PVC material is scratch-resistant.
  • Its complete kit has everything you need to get paddling.


  • It does not maneuver as well as other boards.
  • The adjustable paddle does not float for long.
  • It does not have as many D-rings as other pink sup boards.

7. FunWater Inflatable SUP Board 

FunWater Inflatable SUP Board 

The FunWater inflatable SUP board may not be as girly as some of the paddleboards on this list but its pink and white deck design is stunning. It measures 10.5-feet, 33-inches wide, and 6-inches thick. The width provides the extra space needed to meditate, do some low-impact exercise, or do some yoga. It is also large enough to have a pet or a companion on board without feeling cramped. The extra width also helps maintain stability.

This lightweight pink sup board weighs 17.6lbs, making it quite portable. The travel backpack provided further adds to its portability. It features three removable fins for additional stability. The package also comes with a waterproof case to keep your phone dry as you enjoy paddling. 

If your paddle ever falls over, do not worry because it floats, making recovery easy. The coiled ankle cuff leash is on hand to keep you close to your board. The paddleboard comes with enough space at the front, 6 D-rings, and a stretchy bungee cord to keep your gear safe and dry.


  • 33-inch width for stability and space to do meditation.
  • It is portable due to its lightweight and availability of a travel backpack.
  • It features a waterproof cell phone case to keep your phone safe and dry.
  • The complete package has everything a paddler needs to get started.
  • All three fins are removable.
  • It has a paddle that floats.


  • The fins can break when removing them.
  • Inflation and deflation take a bit of effort.
  • The travel bag is not as spacious as others, and you may struggle to pack the entire kit.


Paddleboarding can be so much fun whether you do it alone or in the company of others only if you have the right equipment. Look for a paddling board that meets all your needs. And, oh yes! If it is a stunning pink SUP board, carry it with you for all your water adventures.

Did you have any of the seven best pink sup boards we could find? Let us know in the comment section below.

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