Pros And Cons Of Composting Toilets You Must Know

Lately, everybody has been trying to opt for eco-friendly means of living, which explains the increasing popularity of composting toilets. So, before you also purchase one, knowing the pros and cons of composting toilets is mandatory.

The idea of converting human waste into compost which can be used for the benefit of the earth, is incredible!

With adequate aeration and moisture control, composting toilets can keep your environment clean and free of mess, especially if you are on the waters in your boat or RV.

However, each new piece of technology encompasses its pros and cons. To install such a sustainable option in place of the conventional flush toilets, you need to be aware of its merits and demerits, which is exactly what I am going to discuss here.

So, Let’s dig in!

The Pros of Composting Toilets

Following are some of the pros of composting toilets, discussed in detail, that you need to know.

Sustainable Option

The concept behind inventing a composting toilet was to introduce an environment-friendly alternative to the traditional toilets that require gallons of water to flush down human waste.

Areas where the sewerage system is poor or not present at all make great use of composting toilets. Not only do these toilets save you from having to eliminate human waste on your own, but they also convert it into something useful for the environment. Win-win!

Space Efficient

Composting toilets, other than being eco-friendly, are quite compact and space-efficient. They are an excellent option to go for when considering a small place like a boat, an RV, or even in your house (if the space is limited)!

Interestingly, even though it occupies little space, it gives a spacious and comfortable vibe to the users. All of this, in such a compact size and price both!

Convenient Maintenance

When you are dealing with something small and compact, it means that the operating machinery is not much of a hassle to deal with. This is why these products are easy to maintain and take care of.

However, be mindful of the fact that less care does not mean any care at all. Composting toilets are built to last for a long time if you take basic necessary steps like regularly emptying them.

Easy On Your Pocket!

Apart from being super useful and the result of incredibly innovative technology, composting toilets are also easy on your pocket! So, you being tight on a budget won’t be a problem here.

Since the idea behind these composting toilets is to convert human waste to compost which is a system that occupies minimum space, it also helps you save money on your water bills.

The Cons of Composting Toilets

Where each product of modern technology helps us replace old and customary ways of living and bring ease in our daily lives, it is accompanied by some demerits too.

The same is the case with composting toilets. I am going to list down some cons of these here.

Electric Operation

Many of the modern composting toilets require electricity to be operated. These toilets are more efficient than the ones that do not require power to run and also can operate the composting process faster.

If you are planning on installing a composting toilet where there is no electricity nearby, it is better not to go for it. You can opt for an option that does do not require electricity; however, the composting is slower in such toilets.

Still an Alternative!

No matter how easy to use and eco-friendly a composting toilet is, such products of tech are not always the practical solution. You can go for a composting toilet if you are going to be the only person to use it or if you need it temporarily for a small space but not as a permanent substitute.

Areas that are urbanized and have little to no ventilation are better off with traditional toilets rather than composting ones.

Good, but not an ideal option!

Even though you will be promised cleanliness and an odor-free environment, it is not always true. A slight odor can be felt, but nothing that poses a serious problem or cannot be corrected.

It is primarily because of improper emptying or inadequate conversion of waste into compost. If you take good care, this might be eliminated.

Below I have reviewed one of my favorite composting toilets, Separett Villa 9215 AC/DC, along with some of its pros and cons.

Separett Villa 9215 AC/DC Composting Toilet Review

Separett Villa 9215 ACDC Composting Toilet

It is an incredible toilet option if you are looking for an eco-friendly counterpart. Here are some of the features that make it stand out.


  • The Villa 9215 AC/DC can be used with and without a grid, making it an excellent option for you to choose. You can get an electricity source or use a battery; both ways are workable.
  • Accessories are included in the package, including a child seat, compostable bags, and waste containers.
  • The toilet comprises an efficient vent fan that effectively dries the solid waste and vents out all the odor.
  • The Villa 9215 also has the Intertec ETL certification.


  • The best part of the Villa is that it can be used both on and off-grid. Having a constant source of electricity is not required.
  • The product comes with a 5-year warranty in case of defects and a 3-year warranty for the vent fan.
  • With a verified certification, the product comprises the necessary accessories required for regular use.
  • I loved how the vent fan eliminated all the odor and made the entire experience quite clean and comfortable.


It is not compact enough to fit in RVs, so it might be a bulky toilet set up for some boats.

Wrap Up

Composting toilets are a good substitute for conventional ones if you want to play your part in conserving environmental resources as well as go for compact and easy-to-maintain products.

However, all the merits are also accompanied by the demerits of such a substitute. It might be a great sustainable option but cannot be practical at all times and places.

So it is crucial to weigh all the pros and cons before making a decision. I hope that the ones listed above will help you in reaching an informed verdict.

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