Sevylor Hudson Inflatable Kayak Review

All of us have heard about the renowned brand Sevylor and its line-up, including the widely-known Sevylor Hudson kayak. It is deemed as one of the best options out there if you are looking for an affordable, family boat. With its portability and adjustable features, it is liked and admired by many though it has some limitations too.

So what is the hype all about? Are the features really worth it? What do customers have to say about the boat? Is it user-friendly?

Buckle up since I am going to answer all your queries. From the brand overview and product features to its merits and demerits as well as customer reviews, a complete Sevylor Hudson Review awaits you. Keep reading to learn more about everything you came here looking for!

Brand Overview

Sevylor has been one of the promising brands when it comes to inflatable boats, kayaks, and related products that are of top quality and user-friendly. The company set foot in the market in 1948 and has been experimenting with different water sports products ever since, bringing forward innovative and reliable features in each of them.

After sixty years of innovative ideas, vigorous experiments, and efficient manufacturing, it is safe to assume that the brand is a real deal and steal. It has earned the customers’ support by excellent customer policies and portable as well as practical products.

Starting from a simple bathtub that was purchased by many to manufacturing boats, kayaks, and beach balls, Sevylor has come a long way. All the phenomenal features that we see in the latest water products, like PVC, which has the tendency to come back to its original position and the added comfort of cushion seats, were all pretty much introduced by the brand, which is loved and enjoyed by many.

Numerous companies have hundreds of water sports products to offer to the world, but what makes the brand stand out is its efforts for boating enthusiasts to enjoy the water as never before.

Keeping people’s best interests at heart, Sevylor has been the epitome of inculcating value in its products. As one of the pioneers of inflatables, Sevylor has worked its way towards the top brands. I highly recommend the Sevylor Hudson and other products from its line-up to people who love hanging out in the waters!

Prominent Features

Coming to the most important part, the features that the boat has to offer! I have an elaborated list of all the things the product has to offer which is going to help you in what you came here for; the decision-making process!

Spacious Design

The boat comes in a long, narrow design making it suitable for efficient rowing. It is a perfect fishing boat for a family of 3, which includes seats for 2 adults and a kid. You might notice that the design is pretty attractive as much as it is functional and practical for a day out on the inland waters.

The boat can carry a weight of up to 230 kg and is quite stable if that is what you are worried about. You might want to keep your little one in the middle seat since there is not much room for legs there. Keep in mind to coordinate rowing strokes if all 3 of you are doing it simultaneously.

Comfortable Inflatable Seats

The 3 seats in the kayak are pretty comfortable, unlike other boat options that have seats made of plastic or wood, deeming them highly uncomfortable for paddlers. In addition to being super comfy, the seats can also be inflated according to your needs and requirements.

Adjustable straps are provided with them so that you can inflate or deflate according to your convenience. To top it all, seats can also be moved depending on your size and the number of people paddling too.

So, if you are not comfortable with the available space, you can even remove one seat out of the three to make the boat more spacious. This particularly applies to people who are tall and bulky.

PVC and Nylon Materials

The kind of fabric employed in inflatable boats and kayaks is very important! As you must be already aware of how the material plays a crucial role in determining the strength and longevity of a product, the same goes for water sports products.

Sevylor Hudson kayak has a nylon-covered hull that is strong enough to carry the weight of 3 people on it along with some of their belongings. Both the materials, nylon, and polyester, are not “the best” out there since there are many better options in terms of stability and longevity, but again, it depends on where you are taking it for boating. It is perfect for inland waters, just not for deep or rough water bodies.

The boat is covered by two layers instead of one to make it abrasion and puncture-resistant. Additional spray covers protect it from splashes if you hit a rocky water body. You can tell by now how much thought and experimentation has been put into the manufacturing of this phenomenal kayak!

Easy Peasy Inflation

As I have mentioned earlier, the seats can be inflated according to your requirements. This is possible because of the large Boston valves that make the conventional hectic process a lot easier. A pressure gauge is there to guide you with the process by letting you know if you overinflated or underinflated it.

The boat comprises three inflatable chambers that have now made the fishing ventures quite user-friendly for ambitious fishermen or tourists. Keep in mind that using an efficient motor to inflate the boat might seem quick to you, but it can easily damage the boat’s structure, so I do not recommend using that!

Extra Equipment

The extra stuff that comes with the kayak includes a carry bag, a dry bag, and a repair kit. Moreover, you will find paddle holders so that you do not lose the paddles midstream and a removable fin that helps keep you on track by negating the wind pressure, which otherwise causes disruption inflow.

You can also keep your extra Equipment or accessories in a bungee bag in the boat. Yes, all of that is available in a mere boat! All the above-mentioned features topped by a reasonable price are totally a catch!

What Did I Like About The Boat?

1. The customizable seats are the best part of the boat! I love the convenient Inflation and deflation of seats, and them being adjustable as well, to make space for legs, is something that I had been looking for, for quite a while. My search ended when I came across this inflatable kayak!

2. The durable PVC and reinforced bottom make sure that the boat is puncture and abrasion-resistant, so now I do not have to be very careful about the rocky beds that I hit once in a while.

3. It is a family boat, meaning that it can accommodate 2 adults and a kid or a pet sufficiently, so now I can take my family to my boating and/or fishing ventures.

4. You can also keep your picnic basket or other accessories with you in the bungee that is connected to the canoe. All of this does not weigh the boat down at all!

5. You also get additional features like paddle holders, removable fins, and pressure gauge, things that you do not need otherwise for a basic fishing trip but something that you also would not mind having in a package, would you?

6. The seats are quite comfortable as well, unlike those in other kayaks, so you can enjoy an entire day trip without body aches.

7. Sevylor products are generally affordable as compared to those of their competitors.

What Did I Not Like About The Boat?

1. Some models have been reported to have air leaking out of them, whereas some people have been quite happy with the purchase with no significant complaints.

2. You cannot take the boat in deep waters since the water and wind pressure is unpredictable there, which might make it sway here and there.

3. It might not be very pleasant for some people, and some might consider it too much work to inflate the chambers separately instead of doing it at once.

4. If you are a tall and/or bulky individual, you might find the boat quite crowded because of the three seats. However, you can always take out the middle one to make more space for yourself.

Customer Reviews

With a rating of 4.2 out of 5, it is safe to say that customers are quite satisfied with their purchase of the Sevylor Hudson boat. The key features that most of them pointed out are the adjustable seats and the fact that the boat is meant for a fun family hangout. Previously, fishermen had to face the issue of rigid seats that too of plastic which made their fishing trips uncomfortable but with Sevylor Hudson, this problem has been eliminated.

Boating in water is all fun and games but also dangerous, especially for little ones, which is why many concerned parents do not like to take their kids on boating or fishing plans, but with this inflatable kayak, they can.

According to their reviews, their kids have been enjoying this outdoor activity a lot without being cranky about it, all thanks to the comfortable and adjustable seating.

PVC side chambers and a reliable polyester hull are other features admired by the customers. I, as a customer, absolutely loved the easy Inflation and deflation process. Long gone are the days when you used to spend hours on inflating the boats! The easier it is to use a product, the more admiration and popularity it gets. Sevylor Hudson is one such product!

Some of the users have pointed out that it is not quite convenient for them to change each panel for Inflation and then put it back together. Some admire and prefer this feature, while others are just plain annoyed by it. It also takes a while for them to dry. Tall, bulky individuals find the space insufficient at times and use the boat with 2 seats instead of 3.

Wrap Up

After reading the review, you now might have a clear idea that it is one of the best options out there for a family boat. You can take it in inland waters or borders of big water bodies, just not too deep.

As far as convenience and portability are concerned, I can totally vouch for the boat! Not only can you carry it in a small carry bag, but you can also adjust the seating according to your likes and needs.

All the features and aspects mentioned above are pretty much all that you need to know to make an informed decision. I liked the boat and I think you would too. 

Happy Boating and Fishing!

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