Sevylor Quikpak K5 Review

Hello Kayak Lovers! This is one that is especially for you.

Being a kayaking enthusiast myself, I understand how you can get attracted to every other fancy kayak that lands on the market. Particularly, when reputable brands like Sevylor introduce something new, it becomes nearly impossible, at least for me, to resist trying it out.

So, here I am, yet with another Sevylor product’s unbiased review to help you guys out make an informed decision.

In this article, I will be sharing the brand’s initial history, fellow buyers’ opinions, features, pros, and cons of the Sevylor Quikpak k5 kayak.

So, let’s dive in and discover what the hype is all about.

Brand Overview

After the highly impactful entry into the market, Sevylor made its mark and became a household name. From loyal customer base to international recognition, this brand has it all. It manufactures supreme-quality water sports products, including inflatable boats, kayaks, fishing boats, sups, canoes, puddle jumpers, etc.

The company rose to fame after generating considerable sales on an initial product that was a bathtub. After that, it never looked back and became unstoppable. As a result, it kept working and coming up with different products.

The reason for Sevylor’s groundbreaking success is its futuristic approach and cutting-edge ideas toward the products. Even after decades of experience, this brand still strives to bring innovations and progressions for buyers.

From innovative features to affordability, Sevylor aims to make its products accessible and enjoyable for all customers.

Its products are built to be portable and super convenient. The stellar attributes of its products have won the trust and hearts of several kayaking lovers.

So, even if you have no prior boating experience, you can find something comfortable for you to enjoy your water adventures endlessly with Sevylor. The user-friendly design will make it look so easy as if you have been doing it for a long time.

Hence, these qualities are the reason that Sevylor’s customers believe in it and recommend its products to other people. I would say that it rightfully deserves all the hype.

Prominent Features

Here comes that significant section of the article, which decides whether or not you are buying this product. Apart from ease of setup, wallet-friendly price, and durability, there is still a lot to unpack here. So, without any further ado, let’s look into all of its winning features in detail:

Clever Design

Design is the first thing you notice when you see a product for the first time. I love how the backpack system is simple yet innovative. You may think it is pretty easy to carry, and it will surprise you by folding it out into your kayak seat.

This backpack system is entirely self-contained. You can conveniently carry it during your camping adventures when you are spending the night.

If you are a petite person,  please remember that this backpack can be slightly bulky for you to carry. I’ll say the size of the bag is somewhat gigantic but manageable depending on your physique. You can place your compact accessories and essentials in it, which is fantastic.

Another thing I like is that its buckles are adequate to keep you and your back nicely supported, which is another outstanding attribute.

Easy Setup

It is so frustrating when kayaks and boats take too long to settle down properly. It consumes the time that you could have saved for kayaking and having fun around the lake.

Sevylor Quikpak k5 inflatable kayak takes as a minimum amount of time as five minutes. Hence, more time for kayaking.

I felt that the seat instructions were slightly ambiguous. However, the overall procedure of assembling and inflating is pretty effortless.

Comfortable Padding & Responsive Maneuvering

The Quikpak k5 kayak is inflatable, so you know that these types of boats are super comfortable. As a result, you can paddle all day long on a dreamy lake.

It has an incredibly comfy and adjustable seat that gives decent support to your back. Plus, it offers plenty of room to place your legs freely. This setting provides enormous comfort to novice kayakers as they are a bit nervous about this experience in the beginning.

Superior-quality & Durable Material

Built with durable polyester with a 24 gauge laminate PVC bottom and rugged tarpaulin cover, this kayak can provide a long-term value. Although this product is not waterproof, it can offer exceptional stability in rocky areas. It can also ensure protection from punctures.


The Quikpak ™ k5 kayak comes with all the essentials and accessories a user will ever need. It comes with a paddle, hand pump, and repair kit. Then, some D-rings are super helpful devices to hold your additional luggage securely. They can secure your boating equipment into the kayak without the fear of losing the grip.

Then there are multiple air chambers. They are a big help to keep other champers inflated when one of them is punctured. Double lock valves make the process of inflation and deflation super convenient by using two locking points.

Sevylor employs a spray cover technique to prevent splashes. However, I am not too sure about that as the fabric is not waterproof. So, it becomes a bit of a hassle to keep the kayak completely dry. 

What Do I Like About This Kayak?

Sevylor k5 Quikpak kayak has given a new meaning to the kayaking game. Typically, most people love inflatable boats as they are travel-friendly and super convenient. However, this kayak is an ideal single-person kayaking tool. From an advanced design to ease of use, this innovative design frees you from the need for a roof rack.

  • It folds up nicely, and you can conveniently place it in your SUV car. The process of inflating, deflating, and assembling is effortless.
  • For a single person, this kayak is pretty spacious. There is enough legroom to place and stretch your legs. You can move around freely during jumpy rides.
  • On a day when you feel spontaneous, wear this backpack and soothe your adventurous soul. Although it is not that lightweight, it is still more comfortable to carry than several other boats and kayaks.
  • This kayak provides comfy back support. You can easily sit, play with waves, and have the time of your life.
  • The material is tough, sturdy, and durable. The bottom is also solid and pretty thick.
  • With spray covers and rugged construction, Sevylor ensures that this water tool stays in your life for a long time.
  • For the price, it provides an impressive amount of value. It is rare to find a product featuring these properties at these rates, so you better watch out.

What Do I Not Like About This Kayak?

Although inflatable kayaks are known to provide an enjoyable experience, please note that this Quikpak k5 kayak is not ideal for long excursions or speed races. They are convenient for fun water rides, and that’s about it. For extended trips, it is better to opt for a hard shell kayak.

  • The included paddle is not long-lasting as the material is not rigid. In my opinion, the manufacturers need to work a lot on the paddle design, as multiple buyers have complained about this feature too.
  • This kayak doesn’t track well in the water at times.
  • The fabric of this kayak is not waterproof, so it becomes easy to bring in a lot of water. Plus, it does not have a drain hole. Hence, it could be pretty time-consuming and excruciating to dry and repack the boat. It also becomes much heavier when it is wet.

Customer Reviews

With a 4.⅘  rating on Amazon, it is safe to say that Quikpak k5 kayak has been successful in winning the trust of its customers. People are all praises for the progressions and variations the company keeps bringing. Undoubtedly, it has set the bar pretty high for its competitor and upcoming brands.

Boating lovers have admired all of its features and attributes. The most popular property among the customers has to be intuitive inflation and deflation. It takes about five minutes or less to set up, and everything is good to go.

The adventurous souls can take this fun water toy and enjoy a day by the lakeside. People have said that it feels safe and secure to be sitting in this boat. It adjusts swiftly into the water and holds adequate cargo space.

Another favorite feature has to be the backpack. People said it is pretty convenient to carry it around. It has a lot of room to place your water accessories in it.

The majority of novice users have plenty of general queries and confusion regarding an inflatable boat’s use. I reckon the people familiar with boating and stuff would not experience any complexity in comprehending the instructions. However, novice kayakers have reported that the guidelines that come with this product are confusing and do not help a lot.

Some customers have pointed out the paddle that has an average design and functionality. However, the company has constantly shown interest in improving its craft and learning from its mistakes, which is commendable. 

Wrap Up

I hope that this article has given you all the vital details and an adequate amount of information. It is a great water toy for newbies as well as experienced boaters. You can opt for this product to go on spontaneous solo adventures and fishing experiences.

You may feel difficulty with understanding the directions in the beginning. However, rest assured that the material employed is pretty sturdy and durable. Hence, you have a lot of time to learn and pass this boating exam with flying colors. 

Last but not least, good luck in your kayaking endeavors!

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