Solstice Sportster 3-Person Runabout Review

Looking for a cost-effective, not too big, not too small, family-friendly boat?

Well, look no more because you just stumbled upon the right product and the right place!

Be it simply a peaceful ride on the waters or a family boating trip; Solstice Sportster will prove to be the best companion.

Especially if you’re a newbie, and you’re on the hunt of finding the perfect boat for yourself, after reading this, not only you’ll be able to decide what’s best for you, but also your time and money will be saved! So, stay with me and scroll down to know all about Solstice Sportster 3-person Runabout!

Brand Overview

Swimline was founded by Herman Schwimmer back in 1971. It is a family-owned company that has been in the business for quite three decades. Over time, they have become the best ones to provide pool-related products and services to Americans.

The company extended its product line keeping in view the needs of its users on large water bodies and, of course, its motive – helping people in making pleasant memories on the water.

With a mindset of prioritizing quality over anything else, the company excelled and outperformed itself. As it has been manufacturing premium quality kayaks and boats retailing for unbelievably low prices! If you’re more of an ocean/seawater person, you’d definitely want to visit its Solstice Shop section.

Swimline owners take pride in providing unmatched customer services to their users, making them returning buyers and loyal customers.

Also, the company got immense popularity by increasing their products line from marine products to dampened sports gear. They even offer products for river cleaning.

The brand has been endorsed by many of the famous boating enthusiasts as well. Apart from Solstice Sportster, I would say other products from its line-up are worth trying as well because they are all quite reasonably priced for their quality!

Prominent Features

To give you a more detailed description of what perks Solstice Sportster has to offer, I have put a light on all of its noteworthy features. Hopefully, this will help you to make a clear and educated decision for yourself.

Lightweight and spacious

The dinghy is 9.5 feet long, weighs 82 pounds, and has a carrying capacity of approximately six hundred pounds (595 pounds to be exact). The Solstice Sportster can easily carry three people with some of the essential goods required to move around.

Strong and comfortable

Strongly built and comfortable to ride, Solstice Sportster is my new favorite!

The inflatable tubes are constructed from heavy-duty PVC tubes, which make the boat tough, abrasion-free, and puncture-resistant, so scraping towards rocky surfaces will no longer be a problem. Even though the material is heavy-duty and alternatively tough, the tubes are very comfortable, which lean in opposition to the ground that is made out of marine-grade aluminum slats, making assembly quick and easy.

Easy to carry around

Because of its pliable PVC material, this dinghy can be rolled upright into something that isn’t a whole lot larger than your average sleeping bag; with the roll-up layout, the bark takes up minimum space, making it a brilliant addition to your yacht or sailboat and making it the appropriate choice for a person with restrained storage space.

Liberty to choose any motor type

Solstice Sportster comes with a choice between electric or gas motor, which is very convenient for the users. You can choose any depending on your preference. However, I would suggest that you opt for an electric motor. Electric motors are comparatively smaller, and they can easily fit in the cabin of your dinghy.

Usually, it is recommended to use a four-horsepower motor, but people have also reported using an eight-horsepower motor with it.

Comes with a carry bag

The solstice Sportster comes with a carry bag that adds to its portability.

Additional Pros

You can row or else put a motor in this boat; both electric and gas motors work. Also, if you want your boat to match its name “Solstice Sportster,” adding a gas motor can help you a lot; just keep in mind that you don’t get a high power motor, or you would end up in trouble as the small boat would not be able to keep up with high speed.

It additionally works exceptionally well as a smaller fishing boat. The aluminum ground permits you to place all your gear while not having to fear puncturing the deck.

Things I liked about the solstice Sportster

  • It is made up of solid and quality material, so you won’t have to worry about buying something that you would not be able to use after one rough ride; instead, it would last quite a long.
  • It comes in multiple colors; therefore, you can go for the one that suits your aesthetic sense the most.
  • The rolled-up dinghy takes almost equal apace to your rolled-up sleeping bag, so it would not be a problem to carry it in your luggage.
  • The carrying bag it comes in makes it easier for you to carry it around without having the trouble to buy a new pack that fits it in.
  • Swivel attached to the boat makes it easy for you to row the boat.
  • If you’re looking for a sailboat or rescue boat, the dinghy would be perfect for you.
  • It is budget-friendly; therefore, it won’t hurt your wallet.
  • You can also repair the leakages or small holes on your own easily if you have a repair kit. The manual guides you about it. If you cannot find the manual, you can search it on google.

Things I did not like about the solstice Sportster

  • The tube leakage is experienced by many people. I would recommend getting it checked before you decide to get off the shore.
  • The dinghy only fits three people at a time, so if you are looking for something that is spacious enough to carry more people at a time, this is definitely not something suitable for you. Although it states that three people can fit in, that does not count to 3 grown-up adults. If three grown-ups are in the boat, there will be no space left for any other thing. However, Solstice Sportster will work best for two adults and one kid.
  • Also, some inbuilt pressure gauge would prove helpful as it lacks that.

Pros and cons of Solstice Sportster 3-person Runabout

Here’s a quick summary of all of its perks and limitation.


  • Tough PVC
  • Super strong rub strake
  • Works equally well with electric and gas motors
  • Swivel Oarlocks
  • Firm D-rings to provide easy mooring
  • Secure seat made of aluminium to facilitate seating


Although this boat hardly dissatisfies anyone, here are a few factors that can be improved.

  • The instruction manual is not detailed
  • Does not come with a built-in pressure gauge

Customer reviews

The customers seem to be satisfied with their purchase as they have been seen vouching for the quality delivered at the given price.

Although the product is considered to be one of the best (according to the price tag), yet there are a few things that customers wish could be improved.

One of the top complaints that the customers report is that the instruction manual lacks details. Not everyone is savvy, and thus people need more of a detailed manual to set up the boat.

The customers also complained that the length of the boat is too short, as they believe it can not efficiently carry three adults, contrary to what’s advertised. However, in my opinion, one can simply go for a bigger boat if he/she wants to fit in more passengers. The company has clearly mentioned the boat length in the product’s description so that customers know what they are getting their hands on.

A few of the customers complained about the pump, but many others contradicted that point and said that the boat keeps the air inside and is not leaking at all.

They also expressed that deflating the boat and storing it was not an uphill task either. Needless to mention that its price was the most-praised factor that could be seen throughout the customer review section.


After all the research, I would conclude that this boat is the perfect fit for you if you are looking for something durable, portable, easy to use and assemble, and affordable. If you want to move it at high speed, you can attach a motor to it and save the energy to row the boat.

However, it is pertinent to mention that expecting exceptional performance would not be a good thought here. The product rightly does justice with its price, but it would be unjust on your part if you want $2000 boat performance from a $600 one.

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