What Is A Boston Valve? And How To Use It?

If you are an inflatable boat enthusiast or plan to buy one, I think you have seen the Boston valve mentioned several times in the various articles searched out.

  • What is the Boston valve? 
  • Why and how is it popular for inflatable boats? 
  • What does it do and how do I use it?

Don’t worry, read on, you’ll find all the answers in this article.

What Is The Boston Valve?

The Boston valve consists of three parts, they are ring plate (lower cap), main valve cap, and upper cap.

Boston valve consists of three parts
  • Ring plate (lower cap): which mates with the inflatable boat and is securely screwed onto the inflatable boat’s air leak.
  • Main valve cap: screwed into the ring plate, connects the ring plate to the upper cap and provides a one-way check function.
  • Upper cap: screwed into the uppermost part of the Boston valve, it is the cap of the whole Boston valve; it can ensure that the inflatable boat does not leak if the one-way check function of the valve fails.

Boston valve design is very clever, for large inflatable products, such as inflatable boats, it allows you to quickly inflate the boat, but also allows you to quickly deflate the boat.

Everyone who owns an inflatable boat must have one or more Boston valves.

How Does The Boston Valve Work?

While inflation, first makes sure you have tightened the main valve securely on the ring plate, then open the upper cap of the Boston valve.

While deflation, open the ring plate of the Boston valve. 

In this situation, the valve lets the air in and out. Because the air pressure inside the inflation boat is greater, the air inside will gush out quickly.

In the moment of opening the valve to release the air, remember to hold your boat to prevent it from turning into an inflatable blimp.

What Kind Of Pump Do You Need For Boston Valve?

Good news! Boston valves can be adapted to any kind of pump, electric, manual, or even foot-operated.

It’s just that you may need a Boston valve adapter due to the different sizes of the tubes of the various pumps.

That’s it.

These valves are generally made by the manufacturer of the pump and given to you as an accessory when you purchase the pump.

Boston Valve Dimensions

OK, thank you for reading this far. Have you decided to equip your beloved boat with one or several Boston valves?

At this point, another question arises, how to choose the size of the Boston valve?

Fortunately, since the various inflatable products on the market, inflatable boats, inflatable beds, etc., they use the standard size of air leaks, so there are not too many confusing sizes of Boston valves, they are also standard.

Boston valves come in two sizes, regular size, and small size. Either one will fit your inflatable boat very well, as the valve size is only for the end that is connected to the pump adapter.

Sum Up

The Boston Valve is a simple and sophisticated valve used primarily on a variety of inflatable products. For owners of inflatable boats, I’m sure everyone has one or more Boston valves. The size of their interface with the boat’s air hole is standard, you don’t have to bother much to measure the size, and the moment you get a Boston valve, you won’t need to read the manual to know how to use them.

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